I love when “secondhand news” is the lullaby. the “doodley-doodley-doo” -as shouted by b- gets me every time.

how did i not think of this before now?

if i had been a spice girl, my name would be:

pumpkin spice.

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pawprintsandbookmarks asked:11, 22, 26 :-) VJ x

11.  would i rather be stranded on a desert island for ten years with someone i love or a month with someone i hate?  EASY - someone i hate for a month. i can withstand stupidity for just about THAT long.  plus, i can totally entertain myself for a month. but 10 years away from everything - even with wonderdad - would grow tiresome.  mosquitos and sand in my underwear make me crazy.

22. 5 things I want to change: my weight, my teeth, attitudes toward step moms, attitudes toward poor people, the size of my bank account.

26.  the story of my first kiss: i was walking home from sixth grade and there had been this group of boys ahead of me nearly the entire time.  all but one kept turning around and looking at me and laughing.  i slowed down and them get further ahead and when i turned the corner toward home, they were gone.  a few minutes later two of them jumped out from behind a large bush and grabbed my arms and the third kissed me.  then they ran away.  that was it. it’s a wonder i like kissing at all, now.

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the--kel--smith asked:24 :)

who would i like to be for a day and why? 

do you know i’ve been thinking about this all night and I can’t come up with a single person?! my life is pretty good, most of the time, so it feels weird to want to be someone else.  but, that being said, i think for one day, i’d be blake lively.

to be young and rich and blonde and living near new york city and married to ryan reynolds could not be all that awful.  plus, now she’s pregnant and i’ve never known what that’s like.  it would be nice, for a day, i think. 

teeny lilly beans! she is now 5 years old. #timehop

teeny lilly beans! she is now 5 years old. #timehop

went to disneyland with b after work to celebrate my mom’s panel thing and she promptly barfed on/around me. 

it’s a glamorous life, mine is.

some things never change. #timehop

some things never change. #timehop

no rain, no kitten and no kids, yet…but I have prosecco and French onion dip, so still an awesome day.