10 things every mom needs to know brought to you by kid president


kids, what day is it?

the water in the building is shut off for maintenance and there is guy with an actual jackhammer working outside our window.

must be my day off.

is anyone else watching “turn” on AMC?

I love revolutionary war stuff. I also love jamie bell.

it’s win-win.


mad men and manhattans tonight on account of no kids and a day off tomorrow.

I let my group change the music in the store today-they chose “party playlist” which consists of way too much lady gaga and rhianna for my taste.

but just as I get really sick of it and want to change back, there’s a block of 80’s music with “karma chameleon” and “the warrior” and I’m cool.

…well, CLEARLY not COOL, but happy.

that day when the person who makes your job really unpleasant (and who’s last day is tomorrow) requests a “confidential” breakfast meeting with your boss and he agrees. yeah, that’s today.

this time next week…

i won’t be rushing to get ready for work. I’ll be sleeping in on our cruise.

g just started a sentence with, “once, when I was a kid…”

when is jet lag awesome?

…when it’s not happening to you and your kids sleep until nearly 11 am on a day off.