cotton candy clouds. day 50 of #100happydays

cotton candy clouds. day 50 of #100happydays

watching Charlie’s Angels, the tv show, with me. #100happydays

watching Charlie’s Angels, the tv show, with me. #100happydays

you know i’m gonna be ALL OVER this!

you know i’m gonna be ALL OVER this!

Me & Peter Pan, 1970. One of my mom’s favorite photos ever. #Disneyland60Contest

Me & Peter Pan, 1970. One of my mom’s favorite photos ever. #Disneyland60Contest

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The girls really did look beautiful in those pictures and they definitely have grown up so much in the past year.

thank you!  

i pulled up in front of our building after work and the three of them came outside and, i swear, i started to cry!  it was such a lovely surprise to see the girls in their fancy dresses and g in high heels.  (it was really fun to watch her negotiate those shoes during the course of the night, but she was a champ!)

how much they change and grow shocks me every time they come home.  before we know it, they’ll be grown ups.  part of me can’t wait to see how great they turn out and the other part wants to smush them back down and say, “stop growing!!!”

wonderdad and I are watching “can’t buy me love.”

big props to the dr who did patrick dempsey’s nose job after this film. no way they’d let him be “mcdreamy” with that nose.

oh no.

did you see the story about Woody - the dog who waited under the porch for a year for his owner (who died) to return?

i had no business watching that.  

he’s in los angeles for adoption.  it is taking every ounce of self-control i have not to hop in the car, brave the traffic and go get him.

wonderdad would kill me.  my mother would cheer me on.  

this is a tough call.

in honor of

this is my momiversary week. on Sunday, it will be three years since she died. nothing makes me feel better about it so for one week a year, I just lean in to it.

I cry unexpectedly and don’t stop until I am done. I eat ice cream. I drink all the wine. I give money to every homeless person who asks. and I watch all our favorite movies.

So far I’ve done Overboard, When Harry Met Sally, The Money Pit and Baby Boom. Protocol Meet Me in St Louis and Wizard of Oz will be up soon.

some stuff…

  • a man with a razor scooter as his primary form of transportation may want to rethink his life choices.
  • the woman who restocks the chips and nuts at our trader joes has the most beautiful singing voice ever, so it looks like it takes me an hour to choose which bag not to buy.
  • i love air conditioning so much i would marry it if it asked me.
  • i only truly feel like a grown-up when my car is clean on the inside.
  • i haven’t been to disneyland in a month.  i wonder if they miss me.
  • my celebrity boyfriend’s new album came out yesterday.  it’s so-so.  it doesn’t mean we have to break up or anything, but he’s gonna need to step up his game.
  • my real-life boyfriend did not have an album come out yesterday, but he did look very fancy in his suit at the inauguration.  no matter how many times i look at wonderdad, i am still surprised and pleased at how handsome he is.
  • speaking of “fancy…” the girls looked so beautiful last night all dressed up.  g wore high heels! why do they grow up so fast?
  • i uttered the phrase, ‘must be the age’ referring to some less than stellar work performance by some young people i know.  it really hits home that a) i am the boss of people; and b) i am old.
  • did i mention i love air conditioning?

the hamster car got an A+ at her check up this morning. now I am sitting at the car wash while she has a spa day.

all the old men here are taking about their fear of “no car washes” with these “stupid water restrictions.”

old white men are funny. and by “funny” I mean “kinda douche-baggy.”