home sweet home

i am okay, thank you for asking!

no, really. THANK YOU!

my heart is strong, my blood is circulating well. my lungs are just assholes.

asthma attack and perhaps a touch of

Unexpected day off, though.

Thank you for the love!

my lungs are assholes.

who’s jealous of my new piercing? #hospitalsarenotthatfun

who’s jealous of my new piercing? #hospitalsarenotthatfun

cat scans are fun…

thanks to the iodine, i will never be critical of my hot flashes again.

Better safe than…

so…I am hanging out in the ER waiting on a CAT scan, after having had an EKG, a chest X-ray and a breathing treatment.

if nothing else, my mom taught me not to fuck around with pain in strange places and an inability to breathe.

not taking any chances that the pain in my left leg for the last few weeks finally stopped today and has manifested in my chest.

I would rather have overreacted to an asthma attack gone sideways than underreacted to a blood clot in my lung.

also, this hospital gown is seriously uncomfortable but at least I got to take off my bra.

Hey, July…

fuck you.

no, seriously. fuck. you.

3 years ago, you took my mom. 2 years ago, you took my job and my work “family.” last year, you took my friend, Ryan and today, you took my sweet, funny crate pal, robert.

stop taking my stuff, will ya?!